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**CLICK THE ADD OPTION BELOW to add Armor-Dilloz tube sealant in tires before delivery, add one of the following options to your cart. For pneumatic tires only. Not for tubeless tires** 

First we’ll say:

PUMP YOUR TIRES! Keep air pressure high so tires "don't squish too much." (This will prevent a lot of flats.)

We can install Armor-Dilloz into any of our scooters before shipment to save you the trouble. DON'T WORRY ABOUT MINOR PUNCTURES!


Developed for the military, and customized for the Onewheel’s thin treadwall tires, this is the product to use when performance counts!

Red Armor-Dilloz includes extra ballistic fibers, high-tech suspension agents, variable particle size fillers, and corrosion inhibitors to protect your tires and wheels. 
  • Suitable for any vehicle which operates under 48 Km/h (30 mph).

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